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One of our clients had a great idea.

Last year, they spent $80,000 in printing and mailing costs for a quarterly newsletter to their customers.  Understanding the flexibility of the internet to display information and graphics, they asked us to create an online newsletter for their customers.  In addition to producing the newsletter at a fraction of the cost of printing and mailing, we suggested they also archive the old newsletters.  For less than $5,000 -- they now have a interactive, searchable database of all the topics they have covered since the 1980's AND quarterly newsletters in a new and exciting format!!

That is forward thinking.

YOU have the best chance at coming up with ideas to make you more money and save YOUR business money. 

Here is another example:

Imagine two suppliers of building materials that take orders over the phone or via fax from general home contractors.  If a FORWARD THINKING supplier owns a website that interactively takes orders from general contractors, the site could track previous orders so the general contractor doesn't start from scratch each time.  As well, inventory and pricing control can be intergrated with the website so that the general contractor can be better informed about cost and availability.  Because the general contractor saves time, and time is money, the interactive website owner is going to gain a valuable edge over the other supplier. 

Cost Savings is only the first step -- Follow this link to find out more.

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