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Another client gave Solution Associates the challenge of creating a paper-less business office.  The result
They now take orders from their sales reps over the internet, and then the orders are forwarded straight to the manufacturing company.  Our client can track orders and fulfilment each step of the way.  All the information is presented in an online database so that both the oft-traveled rep and our client knows the status of any order at any time, from anywhere.  

That is forward thinking.

Imagine a school district that could implement a way of sharing teaching ideas just by putting lesson plans online.  Parents would be able to access the lesson plans to find out what their child is learning and when projects are due.  Teachers are happy because online lesson plan submission saves them time, and parents have a chance to be more involved in their child's education.  The entire system is better simply because information is available and accessible.

Imagine a group insurance company that owns a website that allows online open enrollment of its members.  All of the different plans and options can be explained simply and clearly within the website.   The insurance company wins in two ways:
1)  They are kept from spending $20,000 in printing costs because the employee packets are provided online -- not to mention flexibility and saving in being able to change insurance offerings throughout the year.
2)  They are able to sell to more companies because the companies recognize the ease of online enrollment.

Imagine a nursing agency with an existing database program that maintains patient, nursing, and billing information.  For increased efficiency, they decide to add a new system to maintain nursing schedules.  A intranet website could be created that handles the interface between the existing database and the scheduling software so that there is NO double entry.  The company wins in three ways:
1)  They save time because the two seperate systems work together.
2)  They save money because they can keep existing software and only buy the software that they need.
3)  As a bonus -- because the program is website based, they can easily utilize a dynamically created section on their internet website so patients can look at their schedules at anytime.

We have created online catalogs for
www.naol-ortho.com, www.texasprincess.com,
and www.webcupboard.com.

We have created flexible
informational sites for
www.PrimaCare.com, www.d3g.com, and www.ParisTexasLaw.com.

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